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Accessing the Kurviger API

Are you working on your motorcycle website or app and you would like to access Kurviger's routing API?

We know how hard it is to calculate good motorcycle routes. We invested a lot of time and energy to automatically calculate motorcycle routes that are fun to ride. Many locals are surprised that Kurviger automatically uses big parts of their regular rides. Try the routes yourself using our website or Android app.

The benefits of the Kurviger API are:

  • Specialized motorcycle routes. Prefers curves and slopes. Avoids cities and highways.
  • Evaluation of motorcycle access rules, in contrast to using car access rules.
  • Different routing options like fastest or curvy.
  • Advanced routing options to avoid motorways, ferries, and toll roads.
  • Detailed turn-by-turn instructions to power a motorcycle navigation app.
  • Worldwide coverage with frequent updates from OpenStreetMap.


The Kurviger API is available as a custom package via the GraphHopper Directions API. If you would like to get started using the Kurviger motorcycle API, just sign up for free at GraphHopper and send us an email, asking about the Kurviger package. You can use Kurviger API for websites or apps, including asset tracking and navigation. You have to clearly show attribution that you use the Kurviger API: "Powered by Kurviger", including a link to Kurviger (see the sample below). The attribution has to be shown on the same screen where you show the route - a user must have the possibility to read the attribution and click on the link. For example you can place the attribution on the map or an attached sidebar. Since Kurviger uses data from OpenStreetMap, you will have to show attribution for OpenStreetMap, as documented here.

You can use this HTML:
Powered by <a href="">Kurviger</a>

More information

Are you looking for the api documentation of the Kurviger API? You can find it on GitHub.

Are you building an app and looking for map tiles? Have a look at Mapilion. Mapilion offers high quality vector (MVT) tiles and hillshading tiles.