About Kurviger

Kurviger is a route planner specialized on motorcyclists. We prefer curvy roads and slopes, but avoid cities and highways. To cut a long story short, we try to calculate routes that are fun to ride with a motorcycle.


Kurviger allows you to create an awesome motorcycle trip with ease in only a few clicks. You can use the classical route planning function from A to B. If you want to find new ways or need inspiration while planning your next route, you may want to try the round trip option. With every click, you will be shown new routes that are fun to ride.

Round Trips

Generating round trips is dead simple: select a starting point, an approximate distance to ride, and optionally a bearing. You just need to click on Generate round trip!. Kurviger will calculate a nice route which you can modify the same way you would do with the classical route planning.

A generated round trip might not be perfect. Good news is that you are able to modify it at your will or just regenerate it. With every click, you will be shown a different route. If you want to modify the route just click on the Route Planning tab or use the map.

The 3 different routing modes

Kurviger provides three routing modes: fastest, curvy, and extra curvy route. These modes define the road preference and road avoidance settings of Kurviger. Fastest route leads you straight to your destination with the possibility of short detours to include nice roads. It might happen that major parts of the fastest route take you along highways. Curvy route is a good combination of nice slopes, great curves, and city avoidance. Extra curvy route is quite similar to curvy route, but will add even more detours to great slopes, curvy roads, and city avoidance. You might end up on small and curvy roads.‚Äč

Enjoy your ride!